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Aaton A-Minima

Released in 1999, Aaton’s revolutionary Super16 film camera packs a big punch in a small package. Extremely light and manueverable, this camera is excellent for handheld work. Due to a noisier movement, this camera is usually suited as a B-camera but can easily be a workhorse camera.


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  • Aaton A-minima
    • Optical Viewfinder
    • HD Video Assist
    • 3 x Magazines
    • V-Mount 14.8V
    • Bridgeplate
    • Dovetail
  • Recording format: 16mm FILM
  • Lens mount: PL Mount
  • Foward run: 1-50 FPS
  • Sound level: 28 db(A)
  • Temperature range: -30C to +70C
  • Revolving reflex mirror shutter, opening 172.8°
  • Nominal power imput: 14.4 V DC
  • Weight body with finder: 350 g

Aaton Minima User's Guide

Aaton Minima System Guide