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The customer acknowledges having received all equipment in good working order and technical and aesthetic conditions, for which our material will be checked by the customer or designee.


To proceed to withdraw a hired equipment, all direct customer or the carrier, must be identified by the DNI, driving license (new format only) or passport to remove the material.


The customer must have the equipment rented in their custody and ensure that it is used professionally by trained personnel. The customer must protect the rented equipment against the weather, and take all necessary precautions for their preservation and security. When the customer returns the material at the end of the term of your rent, you agree to check that all the material is in the same state as it was delivered without any missing items.


Customer shall not sell, lend, assign, rent, lose possession of the equipment. SEITOFILMS SCP may cancel any lease directly in the event that the customer performs any act or omission which, in the opinion of SEITOFILMS SCP, could endanger the material. The Customer agrees to keep and maintain the rented equipment in good condition, except for normal wear and tear, and takes full responsibility for the value of such materials until they are returned and are in possession of SEITOFILMS SCP.


It provides risk insurance in every pack (6% on the base price), which will cover unforeseeable events at the time of use by accident, as long as it is not negligence. At the time that the team is rolling it should be kept in a secure parking lot or guarded by a team member. They are excluded from insurance coverage SEITOFILMS SCP the following risks or aspects: misuse (intentional or not), negligence, equipment used in filming considered at risk (eg drone, marine vessel, water hazard), parking in parking not guarded, theft, robbery in places without surveillance, poor technical use of equipment, loss of information in general, total or partial loss of equipment, damage or breakage, seizure, incompetence, electric and magnetic damage, damage overtemperature, damage caused by water or moisture or other damage arising from misuse and / or damage caused by the use of equipment in acts of terrorism and war zones. In these cases the customer will be responsible for full restitution or repair of equipment SEITOFILMS SCP and / or their legal representative.


in case of loss covered by insurance SEITOFILMS SCP, will lead a franchise of 500€.

Improper handling (internal or external) of equipment is excluded from insurance and warranty and is expressly forbidden. Total expenditure verification team handled improperly, in addition to his detention, the official service will be billed to the customer.


If advance payment is made to the reserve for equipment rental and subsequently canceled in less than 3 calendar days of the start date of the contracted term, this entails the loss of 50% of that amount in compensatory concept for of SEITOFILMS SCP, Reservations, in case of cancellation, not refundable.


If a shooting is hired and canceled or suspended before completion, for any reason, the prices charged to days and will be completed by independent web day rate. In any case proportionate rent of the total contract period will be charged.


The rental payment is always made in advance, cash or bank transfer unless another payment period is agreed with the client. At the time of removal of the material and once by the customer checked perfect operation or budgeted amounts invoiced must be accepted.


All rentals are governed by these terms and conditions. It is tacitly understood that the customer knows and accepts these terms and conditions.


If the rented equipment or any accessories not be referred back on the agreed date without notice, the contract is considered in effect until the return becomes effective. The customer will pay as compensation to SEITOFILMS SCP or his legal representative 150% per day rate / web day.


These general conditions are governed by Spanish law, which applies in matters not provided herein regarding the interpretation, validity and execution.


(producer) RESPONSIBLE FOR FILMING and are subject to all points described above. If the client does not properly signed or fraudulently signed all the terms and conditions fall on the person responsible for the shooting.