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Arri Alexa 35

Featuring a native 4.6K Super 35mm sensor and 17 stops of dynamic range, the ARRI Alexa 35 raises the bar to new heights for digital cinematography.

  • Alexa 35
    • 4:3 Anamorphic & ARRIRAW licenses
    • LPL adapter to PL lens mount
    • 3 x 2TB Codex cards
    • 1 x Codex reader
    • ARRI Viewfinder
    • 2 x Arri Viewfinder cables
    • ARRI Alexa Mini LF pro accessories
    • ARRI BP-8 19mm bridgeplate
    • Dovetail
    • Rods 15mm/19mm
    • 5 x B-mount camera batteries


Sensor Type

Super 35 format ARRI ALEV 4 CMOS

Sensor Maximum Resolution and Size

4608 x 3164
27.99 x 19.22 mm
Ø 33.96 mm

Sensor Frame Rates

0.75 – 120 fps



Exposure Index

EI 160 – 6400


Electronic shutter, 5.0°- 356° or 1s – 1/8000s

Recording Formats

MXF/Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
MXF/Apple ProRes 4444
MXF/Apple ProRes 422 HQ

Recording Media

Codex Compact Drives

Recording Frame Rates

ARRIRAW 4.6K 3:2 Open Gate: 75 fps
ARRIRAW 4.6K 16:9 – 4.6K: 75 fps
ARRIRAW 4K 16:9 – 4K: 120 fps
ARRIRAW 4K 2:1 – 4K 0.75 – 120 fps
ARRIRAW 3.3K 6:5 – 3.3K: 100 fps
ARRIRAW 3K 1:1 – 3K: 100 fps
ProRes 4.6K 3:2 Open Gate: 60 fps
ProRes 4.6K 16:9 – 4K: 75 fps
ProRes 4K 16:9 – 4K: 100 fps
ProRes 4K 16:9 – UHD: 120 fps
ProRes 4K 16:9 – 2K: 120 fps
ProRes 4K 16:9 – HD: 120 fps
ProRes 4K 2:1 – 4K: 120 fps
ProRes 3.3K 6:5 – 3.3K: 75 fps
ProRes 3.3K 6:5 – 4K 2.39:1 Ana. 2x: 90 fps
ProRes 3K 1:1 – 3K: 90 fps
ProRes 3K 1:1 – 3.8K 2:1 Ana. 2x: 100 fps
ProRes 2.7K 8:9 – UHD 16:9 Ana. 2x: 100fps
ProRes 2K 16:9 S16 – 2K: 120 fps

Recording Modes

Standard real-time recording
No Pre-recording
No Intervalometer

Viewfinder Type

Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 with 4″ flip-out monitor

Viewfinder Technology

OLED viewfinder display
LCD fold out monitor

Viewfinder Resolution (pixel)

1920 x 1080

Viewfinder Diopter

Adjustable from -5 to +5 diopters

Color Output

Rec 709
Rec 2020
Log C
Custom Look (ARRI Look File ALF-2)

Look Control

Import of custom 3D LUT
ASC CDL parameters (slope, offset, power, saturation)

White Balance

Manual and auto white balance, adjustable from 2000K to 11000K in 10K steps
Color correction adjustable range from -16 to +16 CC
1 CC corresponds to 035 Kodak CC values or 1/8 Rosco values


Built-in motorized ND filters 0.6, 1.2, 1.8
Fixed optical low pass, UV, IR filter

Image Outputs

1x proprietary signal output for MVF-2 viewfinder on VF CoaXPress connector (video, audio, power, control signals)
SDI 1:
-HD only, Processed or Clean, with or without a look file applied
-1.5G 422 HD (SMPTE ST292-1, up to 30 fps, progessive (p) or progressive segmented frame (psf))
-3G 422 HD (SMPTE ST425-1, up to 60 fps, p)
-3G 444 HD (SMPTE ST425-3, up to 30 fps, p)
SDI 2:
-HD or UHD, Clean only, with or without a look file applied, or SDI 1 clone
-1.5G 422 HD (SMPTE ST292-1, up to 30 fps, p or psf)
-3G 422 HD (SMPTE ST425-1, up to 60 fps, p)
-3G 444 HD (SMPTE ST425-3, up to 30 fps, p)
-6G 422 UHD (SMPTE ST2081-10, up to 30 fps, p)“Clean” is an image without surround view or overlays (status, false color, zebra, framelines, etc.)
“Processed” is an image with surround view or overlays.

Lens Squeeze Factors


Exposure and Focus Tools

False Color
Aperture and Color Peaking

Audio Input

1x LEMO 6pin balanced stereo line in with 12V power output
(Line input max. level +24dBu correlating to 0dBFS)

Audio Output

SDI (embedded)
3,5mm stereo headphone jack (on MVF-2)

Audio Recording

2 channel linear PCM, 24 bit 48 kHz

Remote Control Options

MVF-2 viewfinder can act as wired remote control with 10m/33ft cable
Web-based remote control from smart phones, tablets and laptops via WiFi & Ethernet (beta version)
Camera Access Protocol (CAP) via Ethernet & WiFi
GPIO interface for integration with custom control interfaces
WCU-4 hand-unit with control over lens motors and operational parameters via built-in white radio
SXU-1 hand-unit with control over one lens channel
OCU-1 and Master Grip control of lens and user buttons


1x LEMO 10pin Ethernet
1x LBUS LEMO 4pin
1x RET IN (BNC, switchable on SDI 2)
1x USB-C

Wireless Interfaces

Built-in WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g)
Built-in White Radio for ARRI lens and camera remote control

Lens Mounts

LPL lens mount with LBUS connector
PL-to-LPL adapter
Leitz M mount (availbale from Leitz)

Flange Focal Depth

LPL mount: 44 mm
with PL-to-LPL adapter: 52 mm

Power Input

1x LEMO 8pin (11-34 V DC)

Power Consumption

Around 65 W when recording ARRIRAW at 24 fps with MVF-2 attached (preliminary information)

Power Outputs

1x Fischer 3pin 24V RS
1x LEMO 2pin 12V
1x LEMO 7pin EXT 24V power output


Measurements (HxWxL)

140 x 143 x 188 mm / 5.5 x 5.6 x 7.4″
(camera body with LPL lens mount)

Operating Temperature

-20° C to +45° C / -4° F to +113° F @ 95% relative humidity max, non condensing, splash and dust proof through sealed electronics
Storage Temperature
-30° C to +70° C / -22° F to +158° F
Sound Level
< 20 dB(A) at 24fps

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