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Lince Magliner Cart

The Lince Camera Cart is created for the transport of camera material in shootings (suitcases, tripods, cables, etc.). The cart is light, flexible, foldable and easy to use, which makes the Lince Cart ideal for any camera shoot.

  • Mitchell Mount Camera Plate Assembly
  • Tripod Storage Holder


The Cart Cart de Lince is a very sturdy car, which weighs little and easily handles. The car is made of aluminum, and has very large trays that support great weight.

The Mitchell camera mount allows you to carry the camera mounted on your transport. And you can also place a 150 or 100 mm Mitchell ball adapter. for ball chamber heads. The tripod supports allow you to carry low tripods and high tripods to have the complete camera equipment in the shoot.

The Lince Camera Cart folds in a simple and fast way that makes its transportation to the shoot takes up less space and is simpler.