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QTake HDx2

QTAKE is an advanced software application designed and developed for video assist professionals. It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera.

  • 1 x Touchscreen SeitoAssist
  • 2 x HD-SDI bnc short cable
  • 5 x HD-SDI bnc cable
  • 1 x Keyboard
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 2 x Splitter HD-SDI 4 outputs
  • 1 x Switcher HD-SDI 2 outputs
  • 2 x Power 12v cables
  • 2 x Antennas
  • 1 x Splitter usb2 4 outputs
  • 1 x Power cable


  • Up to 2 cameras can be recorded simultaneously and played back synchronously.
  • It helps the director in creativity to keep track of scene connections and timing.
  • It allows the DOP and the Gaffer to adjust the colors of the image.
  • The vfx team can be shown the right background in a green/blue screen shot, in real time!
  • If the customer wants to see his logo in the image to determine the correct framing of the shot, this is no problem.
  • The editor already gets its material sorted by scenes.
  • All data can be collected from the set and handed over to postproduction as PDF or XML.


  • 2 Inputs HD-SDI
  • 2 Outputs HD-SDI
  • 2 Inputs XLR
  • 1 Output minijack

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