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Ready Rig GS + Proarm

The Ready Rig GS + ProArms, which is compatible with most gimbals on the market, transfers the weight of heavy camera packages away from an operator’s arms, shoulders and back. The Rig redistributes the load to your legs and core, enabling you to shoot for longer periods of time with less fatigue.

  • 1 x Ready Rig aluminum frame
  • 2 x Shoulder mounts
  • 2 x Carbon fiber support arms
  • 2 x Rear tension bungees
  • 2 x Universal gimbal attachments


  • Supports any gimbal or camera rig from 1 to 18kg.
  • Adjustable arms telescope from 58 to 94 cm, with an effective boom range of 140cm.
  • An onboard monitor can be mounted to the 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 threads on each arm.
  • Provides vertical axis stabilization while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Slim, lightweight design with carbon fiber support arms and aluminum components.
  • Operate gimbal in over- or underslung configuration.
  • A soft, zippered carrying case is included in the kit.

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